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time or speed doesn.t matter may the horse be with vince the prince does anybody ever hear of ben gateman write systems for g.e. A layoff is defined as 90 days or more. Today's I GOT A SYSTEM LONG AGO THAT WAS CALLED THE DROP DOWN COVER UPSYSTEM. The higher the number, the stronger the race. IF BOTH ARE TIED USE MOST MONEY WON FOR IN THE LIFETIME TOTAL, NOW FOR THE BAD ? To find out more about horse racing stats such as: number of winners, strike rates, and profit please read our Horse Racing Stats Guide. Arrived at your site by accident and found it one of the most informative and interesting racing sites, well done. It doesnt take a Pittsburgh Phil to figure out that Tribal Jewel was the best horse in this race, but is he the best horse now on Jan. 6? Lucky Jim is wearing Blinkers for the second time but has previously worn different headgear. Handicappers, Well individual. Yet favorites do win races, generally away from the post-time favorite as much as possible. ALSO I TEND ELIMINATE A HORSE WHO QUIT EVERY RACE IN THE FORM PLUS A VERY BAD POST OUTSIDE. country to country. Favourite Stats, Trainer National Hunt Your email address will not be published. been proven, year after year that favorites lose 67% of the time. Sire must have had 10 wins on AW to be included. Todays Racing Digest race sheets makes handicapping class easy by using a simple number system assigned to a certain type of race that represents its position relative to other races. By developing products like BetTurtle, our goal is to make horse racing more rewarding for our customers. In the Race Information description at the top of each page we describe how we calculate the class of a race. (This data does not include; how many up-in-class horses were in these races (perhaps some of them contained no class risers), how many last-race winners there were, how many droppers lost, how many low odds droppers won - etc. Nobody gives anything away at the racetrack. You may want to check the sires individual performance on Fibresand if racing at Southwell. By Noel Michaels The leading riders at the New York winter meet at Aqueduct are Dylan Davis, Trevor McCarthy, Kendrick Carmouche, and Manny Franco. The data in the table is a powerful resource which demonstrates how much a horse is rising or dropping in class from its last race. For Latest News Visit Our Facebook . thaskalos. HORSE ODDS POS CHANGE STATS TRAINER JOCKEY OR FM SP F A C V M PICK; 7 Feb 2023: MARKET RASEN: 1:45: 2: CEDAR ROW 100: Run, BetTurtle Horse The same goes for a dirt horse trying the grass for the first time and viceversa. With so many different levels at different tracks its often challenging to determine if a horse is moving up in class or down in class in todays race and by how much. Results. types of races) 80% of the time. U.S. The Digests RCL is an initialism for Race Competition Level, which is simply a number assigned to a certain type of race that represents its position relative to other races. Results: There were 64 double-digit winners during this one week's span at these tracks. Favourite Stats, BetTurtle Trainer Once we find such a favorite, this is the type of race we Course Stats, Latest If the meeting or race is all weather then these horses are having their first run on all weather. It really is that simply. Class droppers won 11 of those, or 61% of them. coming off a layoff. This is a class drop. So, would you say that that race had the same class or lower than other years? 33% of the time. Runners, Shrewd Trainer Lacking a Good Activity Pattern However, also consider this: If that horse was not good enough in a graded stakes, and the trainer took a class drop, there is a reason for it. Sometimes we tend to overlook the obvious. Jockey As an example, a non-winners-of-two Allowance races for older males at Santa Anita would carry a class rating of 155. Stats for combination runs. m/f Do you have stats such as % of top weight winners in handicaps & nurserys? If today's race is on turf then only the jockey and trainer combination turf stats are shown. If you have a horse who drops, you'll know what I'm talking about! Welcomes global players. Trainer, Course Stats By It has managed to finish second and third a number of times but cannot seem to manage a win. If you wish to comment or add to this page then please drop us a line at: You can view stats such as trainer and jockey combinations, changes in trainer, penalty carriers, quick returners, class changers and much more. Our table shows all the horses who have dropped in class and are racing today, check them out for yourself. class droppers win almost three times as many races as class risers! What do you guys and gals do when you see this? The member asked. Cls For instance, a Grade I Stakes race for older males is always a 210, a $32,000 claimer for older fillies and mares is always 140. Stats, Trainer Flat Basic will show standard stats figures such as wins, runs, strike rate, A/E and profit. To find out, I consulted my racing database and heres what I found. HERES HOW IT GOES ;; Now, the party`s classification was dropped but the same people turned up. type. Horse Handicapping | Horse Racing Handicapping, (by the simple definition given earlier) =. You can devise your own angles to bet class at your favorite online racebook. Race Level fail in any one area, toss them out. I certainly applaud that kind of research and do some of it myself. The statistics on class-droppers are surprising, and show just how important this factor can be . I've presented this short research only to make a generalized point: In this instance an 'x' is listed next to the item worn. Favourite Stats, Trainer All Weather TO DAVE HENRYAND ALL Theoretically, it will now be facing horses closer to its own skill level. Therefore, horses in a $10,000 claiming race can be bought by anyone with an owners license and $10,000. One who wins 8% of their starts or less within the last year defines a losing trainer. With the If a horse has been struggling at a certain claiming level, the trainer and owner may wish to drop to a lower price. Thoroughbreds are born to run but they do not all possess the same talent level. Recently, on the Homeless Handicappers Facebook page, a member asked about a horse named Tribal Jewel, who had been claimed for $16,000 at Del Mar on Nov. 25 and was subsequently entered for an $8,000 tag at Santa Anita on Jan. 6. Wins at the course (all weather track). The exception to this rule is the For it is my opinion that such drops are not as easy toassess as they were in the past. this level. 8 Stats, Trainer National Hunt Stats for runs within the past 28 days. Throw in a We four have such a good time that we decide to do it again next month and to allow Class `B` celebs in as well. Jump Basic subscribers have access to the 80:20 rule pointers reports.. Please email me with any questions at cv. There are so many possible factors for consideration when handicapping a horse race and such a multitude of opinions on how to best handicap the races key factors are often lost in the haze of information overload. Read more about Sample Size and Confidence Figures. website is for entertainment purposes only. Stats, Jockey National Hunt bounce factor, which really does exist. Note that AW will include both Fibresand and Polytrack results. 3]IF MORE THAN ONE PLAY IN A RACE.. THEN TOP HORSE IS THE ONE WITH THE MOST LENGTHS IMPROVEMENT AT THE FINISH!! ALSO THE RATE OF WINS IS ONLY 16%, BUT THE AVERAGE PRICE PAYOFF IS ABOUT $11.60 AND AVERAGE LENGTHS IMPROVEMNET WAS 6 1/4 . . 6. That was declared to be a poorer Derby than of recent years but it was still a Class A declared event. Today's Only horses with at least 10 runs included. But it got me wondering? 6. Table ranked by place strike rate. Flat Runs includes runs from both flat turf and all weather. Favourite Stats, Jockey All Weather Id like to comment on the person with the insight on the 2cd drop down ANGLE. If a horse is wearing Blinkers for the first time it may have worn other head gear previously. Just like other athletes, these horses have different skill levels. Very informative from all of you folks, but I wouldnt expect much less from the people Gary keeps company with. Only horses who have earned win or place prize money on this surface included. The desire to run and compete is inherent but it is not always enough. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Nice article. Learning to spot one of these class angles is sometimes all the handicapping you need to pick a winner. Stats for combination runs. Stats, Trainer Flat Any horse trying a new distance today sprint-to-route or vice versa is a risky Any maiden who has at least six starts and is not dropping in class drop is important lets not forget the age of the horse also i feel classdrop in horse 5yrs and under in males and gelding come pair to females is important just notice it males in c/d seem to put there heart into it notice 5yr old gelding nest time but as we all know what looks solid couse of action today dies tomorrow also time off between c/d is important to me unless horse is w.o. Data, 90 Day Tipping "Horses dropping by 30% or more win 378% of their rightful share of races!". Run, BetTurtle Horse Stats, Tipping Hall of If a horse is dramatically dropping in class. Ideally you should always use the strong, or at the very least the medium setting but setting these filters will greatly reduce the stats that are displayed on the page. Got any racing systems or stats questions?Email: q198 = 'frank';n278 = '';document.write(''); Enter a word or phrase in the box to search the whole FlatStats site. In claiming races, it's quite simple to determine if a horse is going up or down in class. Today's Grade Droppers Biggest drop in prize money from last start Horse Name Race Details Drop in $ Drop in % 4. Travellers, In Form Trainer ?--or is this available in november? If the Join now for as little as 94p a day with a three month subscription, or try us for a week for just a tenner. Wt Stats, All Green Win Rate: 17.5%. Race Competition Level (RCL) for Past Performances. Cards, Search Fame, Betting Included are; Optional claimers, starter handicaps and allowance races (as well as stakes races) - as opposed to straight claimers (at similar price levels) where the horse can be lost via a claim. Sign up to get the latest insights delivered straight to your inbox. ]]IN THE LAST RACE ARE CLOSER TO THE WINNER THEN THE 2CD LAST RACE BACKITS A CONTENDER . Theoretically, it will now be facing horses closer to its own skill level. Dropping a class is much better for your GPA than failing a class or getting a C or D in it is because a dropped class does not affect your grade point average. Class drops are most frequently noted in claiming races. . Results. Not surprisingly, Tribal Jewel finished a well-beaten sixth as the 8-5 favorite. Youll receive free past performances, a nice bonus, and more when you sign up today! Ratings, Course Stats By Joanne & Larry Ross 6100 Aumsville Hwy SE Salem, OR 97317 Home: 503-585-3100 Cell: 503-580-6827 So, as I said, I'm not going to try and solve this class-handicapping puzzle. Figures from flat turf and all weather. Today : Tomorrow: DATE COURSE TIME NO. If a horse that has been competing in higher valued races drops to this level, use caution. How to Figure Horses Dropping in Class After Being Claimed Recently, on the " Homeless Handicappers " Facebook page, a member asked about a horse named Tribal Jewel, who had been claimed for $16,000 at Del Mar on Nov. 25 and was subsequently entered for an $8,000 tag at Santa Anita on Jan. 6. type of race generally puts an emphasis on late speed in a race. Sample Ratings Trainer Jones has been running his horse in $15,000 claiming races. You can use these advanced figures to determine if a stat has a sufficient sample and is reliable. Its perfectly logical to state that a horse dropping in class may have an advantage over its competitors who are not. w/r/c Required fields are marked *, The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants. Albert Camus, The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war. Alm SO I DOUBLE UP ON THIS PRICE IF AVAILABLE AT POST TIME OR IF THE MORNING LINE WAS ABOUT 9/2 AND THE POST IS NOT THE FAR OUTSIDE. Minimum of 5 runs to qualify. Koulds Scoring Table ranked by number of days since last win. Interestingly, Bella was claimed in this race as well and, on Nov. 15, 2016, competed in a $10,000 claiming affair for a $30,000 purse. Analysing huge priced winners tipped on FlatStats, Mark Johston out of form going into Glorious Goodwood, Draw Bias for the major Group 1 races at Epsom, Racing Data Charts - Avg SP of Group Favourites, Trainer, Owner, Sire, Jockey Stats for York Racecourse, Horse Racing Stats for 4th Mar 2023 - All Meetings. while false favorites do not. However; after 26 years in the game, I've concluded one thing: Race betting can be a whole lot simpler than some "experts" try to make it out to be. Simply put, good trainers win races, bad ones dont. No Recent Victories etc..). race. Often, a horse will run well when fresh and I hope, though, that the results will re-enforce in your mind one of the over-riding facts of handicapping and betting horse races: Horses dropping in class win far more than they should. Take a peek at the digits on horses that finished in the money (third or better) and were claimed in their last race: Number: 10,350 Winners: 1,815 Win Rate: 17.5% $2 Return (ROI): $1.51 (-24.53%). Your email address will not be published. And that is the horse who was dropping in its last race from the penultimate race (and lost), but today is coming back at the same level as last [e.g., todays race is claiming $12,500; last race is also $12,500; but the race before that is $16,000]. Bovada is our favorite pick for USA Bettors! Stats, Trainer The Accuracy The game revolves around money in every regard. your disposal. HORSE ODDS POS CHANGE STATS TRAINER If EZ Horse Betting is your preferred approach, there are a few ways you can approach handicapping class. proposition. Results, Course Those stats are eye-popping. Online Sports Betting Goes Live in Louisiana, Top Gifts for Horse Racing Fans & Bettors, Ultimate tips for online horse race betting, nice bonus, and more when you sign up today, Twin Spires Is The Official Betting Partner Of The Breeders Cup, Death of Jockey Megan Taylor at Ashburton Raceway. These races make up the majority of races at any race track on a given day. Jockey, Horse Stats By Race Toss it. There are many tables on this page but each of them are useful for analysing today's races from a stats point of view. Data, 90 Day Tipping Changers, Distance The favorite must have at least tactical speed where it can lay close to the pace (within three lengths at the first call). I set up British Racecourses with the desire to share my passion for racing with other like-minded people. Handicappers, Well 50% free bets up to $250 5% cash back. Claiming races works similar to the allowances except the owner must sell the horse in claiming races for the price entered at and these class varies in two ways: 1st; the lower the claiming price the lower the class these horses will usually run against, and 2; the N/W 1, N/W 2, N/W 3, etc are the lowest to the best in each claiming level . Differential Columns Movers, 1st Time The table below includes all the double-digit winners from straight claiming races of 5 to 9 furlongs at the tracks issued by Horse Racing Gold for the week of June, 9th through June, 13th. Note that 3 of the races were won by horses staying at the same level as previous race, so then only 4 races were won by horses going up in class thats just 22 %. Horses rarely win from the back of the pack. Suspicious Drop in Class today. 9. If not, you can probably skip this one :-) However, it is about emotions and over-arousal . How often does the 3rd fav win over all races flat and national hunt. (fts = first time starter / SH = starter handicap / Oc = optional claimer / Alw = allowance). Subscribe today and have instant access to all of our systems, stats and ratings! WtD IT PAID $96.00 AND ANOTHER I REMEMBER FOR $76.00 BUT THE AVERAGE IS e.g.To find the best Trainer and Jockey combination today click All MeetingsIf there are meetings on turf and all weather and you want to find the best combination on turf click Turf MeetingsIf you want to find the best combination at a specific meeting then click the name of the RacecourseIf you want to find the best combination in a specific race click the Race Time. It would be nice if we could come up with a neat way of judging and handicapping for class. Our statistics for horse races are updated regularly and pull in all the racehorses who are dropped in class. Finding that vulnerable If a horse is dramatically dropping in class Spd Click here to visit Bovada! Period. Results: There were 64 double-digit winners during this one week's span at these tracks. Join today and instantly access our racing info including: Backing and Laying System Builders Unlimited Stats Unique Horse Racing Ratings, All for just 35 a month or see special offers, Lingfield1:20 1:56 2:31 3:06 3:41 4:16 4:51 Wolverhampton5:30 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30. This is slightly better than betting horses at random but heres where it starts to get interesting. 9 Trainer out of that horse and cant recover in 30 days or less. But, like I said, I dont have any statistical evidence that its worthwhile. I consider races where a horse is being protected to usually contain a "classier" field than races where they are not protected. Stats, All Green So, I wonder if there are possible angles in a horses 2nd and 3rd attempts after some other event, such as a claim. can undertake with the better-priced horses, knowing that the favorite is going to lose (in these Any use of this information in violation of federal, state, provincial or local laws is Stats InfoThe stats on this page can be shown in basic or advanced mode. All information provided by this considerable variables involved when trying to decide the outcome of a horse race. Alternatively, you can read the Cafe Casino review first. Copyright 2023 US Racing, All Rights Reserved. If you, like us, believe that the class of the event is determined by the main attendees then the class is the same. Changers, Good Performers Last The horse dropping in class has long been one of horse racings most reliable betting angles. If he's standing in his stall or pasture with a lowered head, he's probably either resting or asleep; call his name and make your approach obvious so you don't startle him. Travellers, In Form Trainer With this simplified class rating system you will now clearly understand if a move up or drop in class for a horse in todays race is a big jump and how that compares to other horses in the field allowing you to you quickly and easily determine if the horse is a contender at todays race class level. Movers, 1st Time (R) means that the jockey did not ride the horse LTO and thus is a returning jockey. 3. Needless to say, there is not a consensus on the subject. Each stat is displayed in a table and shows the name, profit, or ROI% of the stat. Days Top 10 rider or a Top 10 trainer and you have a probable favorite in the race, especially if it is Only horses who have earned win or place prize money on this surface included. Graduates have just one win on their past performances and there is usually not much data to evaluate. Download Todays Racing Digests Race Class Level Chart. Runners, One Runner The trainer decides that a class drop is in order and enters the horse in a $10,000 race. The search page will return all matches from our racing database (trainers, jockeys, sires), postings in our forum, and racing articles in our blog, Enter your FlatStats Subscriber details in order to access the site. I often have found class drop winners from trainers on the NYRA circuit moving into MCl or Never this Low for the first time. given date. e.g. View stats tables for today's horse racing meetings at Lingfield and Wolverhampton. In other words, at some tracks - moving around in a group of class levels can be relatively easy while at other tracks jumping up from one of these same levels to the next higher might be very tough. Whether it be from DSLD/ESPA or injury, these techniques presented will make your horse more comfortable and happy. So - when you see a low-odds horse that has become the crowd favorite because of a last-race win or second at lower levels - don't be reticent about betting against it if there are other hard-knocking class droppers in the race. First - this horse handicapping article will not go into depth on the theory of "class" and what it is, or how to define it. today and looks too good to be true, it probably is. We at UK Horse Racing think not. I am also a keen racehorse owner and have worked in the gambling industry for several years. Raw . ; Click the Horse filter button. Read through all the free materials on this site - then check out: our products . 2. CPos Not taking odds and favoritism into account as a quick over-all stat class droppers win almost three times as many races as class risers! FlatStats subscribers can save the settings so that the same parameters are used each time the page page is viewed. The first race back has already taken too much "Class drops" (any drop in claiming price or drop from a "protected" race into an open race) will be shown in gold - class jumps in blue. False favorites abound in chaotic races. main clue is the program and the morning line. Any horse that drops suspiciously in. Maidens & Koulds [[DOESNT SAY WHAT TO DO ON DISTANCE SWITCHES IN THOSE RACES? Maidens typically improve in its second life time start. US Racing is not a racebook or ADW, and does not accept or place wagers of any Why Should You Look at Horses Who are Dropped in Class. In horse racing these skill levels are known as class. 1 in Kentucky Derby Top 10. A horse with this type of "form" should clearly be stepped up in class, or at an absolute minimum, kept at the same level. Change in class is based on the old race letter classification where there are 11 classes. TrForm If the trainer doesn't have enough confidence in the horse to keep trying at the higher level races pay . A similar race at Turf Paradise is rated at 130. Elevated. Should a horse fail on any of these rules (even one of them) either of its last two races is a vulnerable favorite. With claiming races, its not always about identifying the best horse (actually, thats rarely true of any race the odds always matter but you get the picture). Jockey, Jockey All Weather Just outside the top tier of horses in the 2022 Kentucky Derby odds is Zozos (39-1), whose owners, Barry and Joni Butzow, hail from Minnesota. In this instance an 'x' is listed next to the item worn. b) Raced within 24 days and a work within eight days Horses dropping in class at today's races. You can also view tables for horses that have the highest earnings, that are changing in class and even a list of all horses carrying a penalty today. Trainer, Trainer All Weather Betting Gods might be something worth checking out, 2013 - 2023 The two races are of completely different classes. is going to take place? A good rule of thumb is to assign a preliminary class rating of half the value of the horses sole win. Horse Handicapping: Finding and Betting Class Drops. Table ranked by earnings per start. Handicapped, Class And look at what happens when those same horses compete . We would say that it was lower. And its why Ive often said that handicapping claiming races isnt the same as handicapping the days allowance or stakes feature. Easy to deposit & Withdraw. Especially if it is a claimer race because the trainer risks losing the horse in a claim. Being able to correctly assess a horses class will help you determine if it has been entered in a race where it can be competitive. Here are the filters * we use that help us find the list of horses that on average will provide 80% of the winners each day.. Guest are limited to viewing 3 items per table. A horse is moving down in class (or dropping) in reverse circumstances, such as allowance to claiming or graded to restricted stakes. Today, many trainers with clout have no trouble running a horse for less than it is worth or, perhaps more accurately put, less than what the owner thinks it is worth. class today should be tossed out. Many shrewd betting experts study the trainers and horses covering the longest distance to the racecourse today. Unsound ones with problems do not. All Rights Reserved. More Racing StatsFlatStats has dozens of stats for you to view such as stats for first time geldings, change of trainer, sires on soft ground and much more. Class Changers. Musselburgh 13:50. Minimum of 10 runs to qualify. Knowing about Street Shark's performance exiting the July 23 race, I could not possibly understand why the horse that beat him was suddenly be dropped in class. When a horse takes a class drop this means it is taking a step down where competition is concerned. This hidden class drop was obviously missed by the bettors, as Bella Campari was sent to post at odds of 9-1 and won easily! Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin. That is worse than the 80% of people that fail at , By Ed McNamara Classic Causeway bolted to the lead out of the gate, and before the 8-5 favorite reached the turn, he had company on , By Richard Rosenblatt If at first you do succeed, you might as well try to do it again. Copyright 2023 British Racecourses - is intended for the sole use of the individuals over 18 years of age. ITS BEEN AROUND A LONG TIME. If a horse in relatively good form faces weaker competition, it's logical to believe that the lesser competition will enable the horse dropping down to shine. Only horses with at least 5 runs and at least 1 place included. Please confirm 4-1 TO 5-1. Runs Using the horses form string determine which horses perform well given the conditions of today's race. 2] IF THE LENGTHS AT THE FINISH!!! 33.33%. Within each of these categories are also many levels. Maybe someone has already done some work in that area. The only way to make money at the racetrack is to think and act differently than your Figures from flat turf and all weather. Stats, Jockey National Hunt Which is the Royal Racecourse: Ascot, Newmarket, York ? A horse that can only run a half-mile in :48 seconds is unlikely to ever beat a horse that can run the same distance in :44 seconds. Trainer, Course Stats By Age Thats the way trainer Brian Lynch is , By Richard Rosenblatt Hes a Hall of Famer, and one of the most well-respected trainers in the business ever. IVE STUDIED OVER >>500 OF THESE TYPES RACES,,,,,, For the most part, each class receives a number that remains constant. Several things would give me pause, starting with the steep drop in class (and purse value) and ending with Tribal Jewels eroding speed rations and subpar recent works, particularly his latest. Today, the class drop may be enough to help the horse achieve a win. tj chumps nutrition information,

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